What does this QI Process Deliver?

Data that can be used to support decision making and revenue building by providing a consistent measure of media performance for your assets that appear in sports broadcast anywhere in the world. Understand relative performance across markets, sports, leagues, teams, athletes and venues via Repucom’s world leading platform of tracking products.

  • Drive Revenue

    Justify fees by demonstrating the media value delivered by assets as part of the sponsorship mix. Discover opportunities for new signage assets through "white space" analysis.

  • Understand the Value of Assets

    Compare the media value delivery to rights fees paid. What are the key assets? Are they priced appropriately?

  • Make Smarter Investment Decisions

    On the buy side, use the data to benchmark the media delivery of sponsorship investments, as well as assets within a sponsorship to optimize the portfolio mix.

  • Support Negotiations

    Unlock the power of the data by assessing the media delivery of assets currently owned compared to alternative options occupied by other partners.

  • Measure Competitive Activity

    The breadth of Repucom's tracking delivers deep insights into the effectiveness of a competitor's sponsorship integrations.

  • Discover Best Practice

    Use the data, and Repucom's insights, to understand best practice on brand executions in broadcast to drive recognition by the viewer.

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