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Inventory Pain

Inventory receipt is a slow, painstaking process, rife with human error.

  • Inventory checked against packing slip using pen and paper
  • Crewman wait to store until each inventory item checked
  • No way to easily identify items changed by drawings
  • High probability of human error
  • Inefficient use of time
  • Too many many hours expended

Update Pain

Do all trades check the dates of their drawings? No! Outdated drawings mean installation errors, wasted time, wasted materials, teardowns, added costs.

  • Delay/failure to receive updated drawings
  • Failure to review updated drawings

Discrepancy Pain

If field conditions fail to mirror the design drawings, communicating the deficiency usually means rushed and/or unapproved substitutions, errors, teardowns, wasted time and added costs.

  • Field conditions do not mirror plans
  • Delays in communicating discrepancies
  • Resolution of discrepancies delayed to trades
  • Rushed substitutions cause errors

"As Built" Pain

The "as-built" plans of many trades do not match the design drawings, which may result in rebuilds, and delays in construction schedules.

  • As-Built plans do not match drawings
  • Rebuilds require added extra costs in labor and materials
  • Rebuilds can cause delay in construction schedule

Accurate "As Built"

Since CTBIM minimizes costly errors throughout the construction process, trades realize an increased accuracy of "as-builts" that are automatically digitally archived.

  • Real time updates help avoid building errors
  • Increased accuracy of "as-builts"
  • Automatic digital archive of "as-builts"

Real-Time Discrepancy Updates

CTBIM's real time updates help avoid discrepancies between field conditions and design drawings. CTBIM's real-time alert system enables the fast communication of discrepancies and a documented pathway to solutions.

  • Real-time discrepancy alert system
  • Field crew report discrepancies via Tablet/smartphone
  • Red colored code highlights detected discrepancy
  • Yellow colored code highlights action taken
  • Green colored code highlights resolution achieved

Automatic Updates

CTBIM automatically provides updated information from the latest drawings. Fewer errors, budgets are maintained, and schedules remain intact.

  • Integrates real-time approved updates directly from architectural/design software

Inventory Tracking

No wasted time. With manufacturer support, bar coded scanned inventory is directly logged into CTBIM system.

  • Delivered inventory barcoded where vendors cooperate
  • Smartphone scans barcode
  • Scanned information uploaded in real-time to CTBIM
  • Inventory list auto updated
  • Provides real-time bulk inventory list


Owners will no longer rely on the inexact method of validating pay requests used today – having an owner's representative eyeball structures and inventory guessing whether the percentage of construction completed and inventory received by trades is accurate. At any time during a construction project, owners can receive real-time reports of the amount of construction progress claimed by trades in pay requests.


Since CTBIM minimizes errors in the field, architects and engineers receive more accurate "as-builts" from construction trades using CTBIM throughout the construction project.


When construction trades use CTBIM, in addition to CTBIM's robust reporting functions, superintendents enjoy better informed trades, which results in fewer errors, on time production and projects completed within budget.


Trades often complain of underpayment by General Contractor's and owners. By using CTBIM, trades have a documented method to validate their pay requests as construction progresses.


CTBIM enables executives to better analyze business processes, predict profitability and monitor cash flow.