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    Hi, I'm Anthony Lombardo

    About Me

    I am a Digital Creator, Web Expert and Online Business Consultant passionate about helping people and organizations grow their business online and create awesome digital experiences. 

    I am the founder of Queens Web Design and Long Island Web Design, two web design initiatives focused on creating powerful websites for small businesses in the NY area.  

    I have been designing, building, marketing and operating websites for the past 15 years having the privilege to work on some amazing projects for big global brands, small mom and pops and solo entrepreneurs.

    I am obsessed with personal growth and transformation and on a mission to help others transform in every area of their life and share their gifts and passion with the world. My belief is that we all have a special gift to provide value to others with — we are all creators and have the power within us to create anything we truly desire!

    Connecting with and helping other creatives grow and turn their passion into viable online businesses is what fuels me.

    Anthony V. Lombardo

    My mission is to help dreamers, creators, side-hustlers, idea-makers, freelancers, and anyone with a vision or who has something valuable to share with the world create high-converting websites and online businesses that will ultimately positively impact the world and make people's lives better.

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    How Can I Provide Value To You?

    I need a plan.

    Getting started is usually the hardest part when starting your business online. I can help demystify the process and together create an actionable plan to get you going.

    I need a website.

    I create beautiful and engaging websites for small businesses, fellow creators and solo entrepreneurs. I love buildings websites that help businesses expand and grow.

    I need support.

    I love helping people solve problems. Whether you need to solve a technical issue on your website, answers to digital marketing challenges or just want advice and guidance, let’s create the solutions you need to thrive.

    I need consulting services.

    I’ve been privileged to advise, create with and directly impact the success of some amazing brands and companies. I help businesses large and small plan, build and market amazing websites and online experiences. 

    My Companies & Initiatives​

    Long Island Web Design

    From what started as a single web designer in Long Island building websites for small businesses and has grown into partnerships and collaborations with a network of highly skilled web designers, developers and digital marketing experts across NY to aid local businesses boost their sales, advocate their brand and maximize lead generation.

    Queens Web Design

    As a kid growing up in Queens, NY I always had an affinity for mom and pop businesses since they were so accessible and all around me . Started back in 2009, Queens Web Design was my first online business project which was aimed at providing local businesses affordable web design and digital marketing services. More than 10 years later it’s mission remains the same.

    COVID-19 Local Business Support Platform

    In an effort to support small businesses who have been severely impacted due to COVID-19, I started a FREE web design and digital marketing service to help these businesses. The sole mission of this initiative is to help small businesses with whatever services they need whether it’s to get them up and running online, performing website updates, setting up email marketing, social media management or just general guidance and support.

    SEO Recommendations

    This is a FREE service I created for anyone with website by providing them with a detailed SEO Audit and Recommendations report. This goal of this initiative is to give businesses actionable steps they can take right now to improve their organic search. The report will include recommendations and suggestions that will improve both on page and off page SEO, user experience, enhancing content, usability and other SEO factors.

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